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RAISE Innovations – Innovators are everywhere developing technologies that can be used to solve the world’s biggest problems. RAISE Innovation Group serves the scientific and engineering community by assisting innovators in bringing their technology to market. We only work with solutions that meet a need in one of our humanitarian pillars. Today we focus on energy, water, food production, waste, and health.

From concept to global market penetration we assist our innovators in each step of the process:

  • We vet their solutions against all others through our rigorous R&D process.
  • We determine its marketability and ability to be commercialized.
  • We raise capital if needed to take it from garage tested to manufacturing.
  • We take the product through third party certifications.
  • We test the solution in real life environments.
  • We handle the patent process if needed.
  • We also integrate other innovator’s technology to expand the functionality.
  • We arrange manufacturing through licensing relationships and/or joint venture to insure scalability.
  • We promote IP ownership for the inventor.
  • We develop it under the RAISE brand and take it to market through our vast network of channel partners & corporate and government clients worldwide.
  • We handle the business operations freeing you up to develop further technologies and more innovations.
  • We serve as a long-term business partner who hears your dreams and goals for your invention and your life and work side by side to reach your pinnacle.
  • We add value to your life that surpasses your monetary gain by giving your talent “PURPOSE” that makes a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

RAISE Innovation Gateway – In October of each year RAISE Innovation Group hosts a worldwide search for innovation to be considered under the RAISE brand.  Solutions considered in the gateway must solve a need to reduce energy, generate electricity, clean water, produce food, solve a health or wellness problem, or aid in the care of children.  Innovations will be presented before a panel of our most esteemed clients in industry and government.  Winners chosen will best tested and considered to come under the RAISE Incubation umbrella to ultimately become a RAISE solution sold worldwide.