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RAISE Engineering & Development Company for Project Infrastructure,
Engineering, Oversight and Management

RAISE Global Services’ RAISE RED (Engineering & Development division) acts as the General Contractor of a multi-partner consortium of experts and companies to solve immediate energy problems, infrastructure development, and economic opportunity. We build roads, ports, power generation, water treatment, waste treatment, telecommunication systems, public housing, hospitals, and schools. Our partners are global developers with years of experience whom we have vetted to be experienced and fair in price. In addition, RAISE Innovation Group will implement the latest technologies to insure ALL nations receive the best in class technology. Our partners have agreed to hire locally when possible and to train local people to become managers and skilled tradesmen. If the country requires each project to be placed in a “BID” or “RFP” process, RAISE RED team will assist the government leadership in choosing the most qualified subcontractor from the field of applicants to insure the best quality and timely project completion.