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Commodities Trade & Consulting, Logistics and Manufactured Goods

Over the years, working with communities and companies globally, RAISE discovered a need to connect our network of clients to increase economic value and strength for everyone.  We work with governments with access to natural resources that our corporate clients need and products our corporate clients manufacture that our communities and their citizens need.  RAISE Global Trade Group was formed to bring all these stakeholders together to insure the best quality and price that a supply chain can offer.  We make introductions and negotiate the trade deals as well as facilitate the movement of goods.  Our network of international logistics partners can move goods around the world via air, sea, rail, or land.  Of course 10% of our profits from making the trade go back to serve the underprivileged in the communities we serve which enhances the Corporate Social Responsibility obligation of our corporate clients.  Everybody wins!

RAISEMart – Wholesale Warehouse

RAISEMart is a direct to government, small business and consumer wholesaler of foods and manufactured goods that are otherwise unavailable for an affordable price to the communities we serve. We buy in bulk to deliver quality products at deeply discounted prices, which allows people in communities globally to get quality foods and products. RAISEMart also sources supplies, furnishings, and electronic products for its government clients.