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RAISE CapitalRAISE Global Services began RAISE Capital for the purpose of funding humanitarian infrastructure projects as well as developing innovative products and businesses for the betterment of mankind. Our funding opportunities are extensive, multi-faceting, and rewarding both financially and for the benefit of others. Whether you are a community in need of funding an infrastructure project such as building a school or a power plant, or an innovator looking to incubate your ideas and possibly bring them to market, we are the funding source for you.

Global Bank Humanitarian Funds – R.I.C.H

RAISE Capital – Humanitarian Infrastructure Financing

$125 million – $5 billion available per funding request

RAISE Global Services’ RAISE Capital division works with a consortium of world banks that have set aside funds for developing infrastructure projects around the world, and is preapproved to access these funds. These funds have been accumulating and were used to rebuild Europe after World War II. These funds require a country sovereign guarantee and come with extremely favorable financing terms not available from normal banking methods. The guarantees are put in place only after specific loan terms are agreed upon between the banks and the government. Once the project is completed, the guarantee is completely returned, or can be used for new funding newly issued projects. In many cases, especially in UN designated “LDC” countries the loan terms and repayment are forgiven. This is done as part of the bank’s requirement for humanitarian lending and corporate social responsibility.

Sample Project Sectors:

Here is a detailed description of the process and the types of projects that are typically acceptable for use of this “humanitarian” capital. These are by no means the only types of projects that receive approved funding offers, but serve as a starting point for development. The following as a list of suggested projects and market sectors that we know are economical and provide great social benefit to a wide spectrum of citizens:

  1. Energy production – Electricity generation, urban and rural electrification for grid tied or off-grid mini-grid systems including hydrodams, fossil fuel (diesel, HHO, LNG), biomass, diesel power, solar power, OR hydrogen made from almost any water (HYDROSENE™). Construction of countrywide power grid renovation or enhancement.
  2. LED replacement programs – Streetlights converted to LED, government subsidized LED swap programs at little or no cost to consumers for replacement of old incandescent and fluorescent bulbs in homes and businesses. This is one of the most economical programs to date. It is far less costly to conserve the energy already being produced by replacing highly efficient LED lighting and not have to build new power generation capacity.This can include LED “swap” programs for commercial, government, and residential customers to replace existing incandescent and fluorescent fixtures and lamps and receive little or no cost LED replacement lamps and fixtures.
  3. Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, ambulances, shelters.
  4. Water & Sewer – Create new water sources: wells, river cleanup, and desalination. Build sewer and wastewater processing facilities. This can be rural and urban sources.
  5. Telecommunications – High Speed Internet, Fiber Optics, Satellite Communications, 5G Wireless Cellular, and Broadband networks
  6. Education – Schools (elementary to universities)
  7. Housing – Create public housing, low income housing projects.
  8. Ports – Airports, seaports, fuel depots
  9. Roadways – Roadways, bridges, toll roads
  10. Agricultural – Increase food production, infrastructure, education, and other services
  11. Social programs & humanitarian efforts – These vary widely but can including micro-lending, and other special needs programs.

“RAISE Infrastructure Capital for Humanity”

Clean water and soil, electricity, housing, roads, hospitals, ports, schools, and opportunities to work should be available to every citizen. Economic growth and the health of nations is dependent upon this. While projects to build these necessities are abounding, money is not readily available and often too expensive to obtain. This is why RAISE Capital was formed and we have developed the R.I.C.H. Program for funding. Our solution is simple, and is executed quickly.

RAISE Private Investor Group – For projects less that $125 million

Funds are available through our private investor network for projects less than $125 million. We can fund energy efficiency projects, power generation projects, as well as corporate or community infrastructure projects. Our requirement is that all projects are related to a RAISE technology OR RAISE leadership position in the management of the project and the funds. RAISE acts as the steward of the funds to insure the funds are used for the sole purpose as outlined in the business contract and that the end result of the project or solution is excellence.

RAIN Makers (RAISE Angel Investor Network)

For those investors looking for opportunities to grow your fund and make a difference, we are the partners you have been looking for. We have both technologies and projects that may be of interest to you. We work with private foundations, family offices, and all impact investors including private placement groups.