Chief Solutions Officer

Our Role as CSO
At RAISE Global Services, we collaborate with global for-profits to help you add social innovation into the core business strategies of your company.

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We take the role of Chief Solutions Officer and consult with your corporation as a C-suite advisor and integrator to ensure that your social innovation initiatives work based on our 5 Stars of Social Responsibility. We specialize in corporate impact analysis, where we assess current social impact and work diligently to incorporate social innovation into the DNA of your corporation with a strategic plan. We work to support your current projects as well as create and manage new ones.

We work with the top-level executives to assess core competencies of your corporation, align your interests in useful partnerships, and manage project implementation for you. While doing so, we document the return on investment (ROI) of all projects and communicate the story to your clients, consumers, investors, and other stakeholders. We create solutions to real problems and become the primary matchmaker between causes and brands, introducing collaborative teams that work toward sustainable relationships.

Social Innovation Consultant

While we are part consultancy, we differ from other consulting firms in that we guide you not only in designing programs, but also in implementing them. Our primary role as Social Innovation Consultant is to build ecosystems between our clients and yours that have similar corporate DNA.

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Each part of the ecosystem has a pertinent role in completing programs. With an ecosystem in place, corporations can do so much more together then can ever get done in isolation.

 When you partner with RAISE, we help you:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for social innovation, including ROI metrics
  • Manage the implementation of your plan
  • Demonstrate the impact your investment makes on your customers, your market share, and the metrics that are important to your corporation or foundation

Social Media and PR Manager


Through our own social media network, RaiseLink, we link your brand with the causes that you support and the consumers who care. With RaiseLink, brands that take a stand can tell a story about social impact. This story will reach consumers, partners, investors, vendors, and more.

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What sets it apart?

While you may already be utilizing social media for marketing, RaiseLink focuses on a single attribute of your brand – social impact. It allows you to add purpose to your updates and helps you to concentrate your social impact messages in one place. RaiseLink will not get lost in all of your other social media news and promotions. Additionally, once you set up a RaiseLink page, we will provide you with a QR code that can be put on your products and other promotional materials so that customers and clients can easily find your page.

RaiseLink is a transparent place that enables cause marketing by sharing with the world the impact you are making by solving global problems. RaiseLink is about personal connection, but also about rigorous recognition of your brand.

RaiseLink is the key to increasing your bottom line by showing consumers your authentic efforts to make a social impact. They will learn about your new social innovation and social impact initiatives and will also be given an outlet to purchase your products through the RaiseLink Shop. RaiseLink promotes connections and conversations creating brand awareness and higher profits. It also serves as a dashboard to feed your other pre-existing social media outlets. In addition to RaiseLink, we also offer an integration of strategic media campaigns to align with your current PR initiatives focusing on the social innovation programs you have put into place.

Energy Services Experts

Through our subsidiary, RAISE Energy Solutions, we offer a full assessment of our clients’ buildings and warehouses and create solutions for energy efficiency.

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We help you find affordable ways to reduce your energy use and your energy bill by educating you about energy, Intelligent Lighting, and other Energy Solutions. We make it easy and inexpensive for you to replace current energy products and help you find the products that are right for you. Through our Clear the Air program, we can create custom carbon offset programs for your company.