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RAISE Global Services is an Atlanta-based corporation founded in 2010. For three years, RAISE has been diligently developing its vision and its programs to begin a movement to incorporate social innovation into the core business strategies of global for-profit organizations. We believe the only way to accomplish real impact in solving major environmental and humanitarian problems is for corporations to take responsibility in being a part of the solution. We offer a full range of services and tools that help for-profit companies achieve greater social good—aligned with the basic business pursuits of producing customer value, retaining customer loyalty and making a profit. We tap a company’s existing business relationships to build what we call “social ecosystems,” or teams of organizations with common goals working in collaboration to fight hunger, poverty, homelessness, injustice, disease and other social problems around the world.

With these ecosystems, companies can use Social Innovation as a way to increase their bottom line, improve internal and external relationships, and multiply their humanitarian impact. Giving back can no longer be an afterthought; it must be strategically engrained in a corporation’s DNA. Social Innovation becomes a way to do more good in the world, solve more problems, become a differentiated brand, and gain a loyal consumer base. In order for a program to be effective, it must not only impact the communities served by the company for greater good, but serve to increase measureable value to the company as well. RAISE offers unique solutions for highly effective humanitarian and environmental impact.

We believe that people are inherently seeking purpose. One of the keys to a person’s happiness is their feeling of purpose – of feeling like they were created to do something– people want to find purpose where they spend their most time – at work.