Case Studies

RAISE Global Services believes in this model and knows that it works. We know that social innovation can change the way corporations navigate the marketplace and how consumers think about products. Some brands have paved the way, and others are following. Check out these case studies below to see how the world is changing. Don’t miss your chance to take part and join the movement.

RAISE Energy

We are working on a project that will provide lighting to BCD Travel’s School of Hope in Haiti. This partnership will help offset their operating and energy costs.

When you buy from Raise Energy, you save energy, AND save money. Raise Energy also contributes a percentage of profits to help non-profit organizations at home and abroad become more energy efficient. By purchasing through Raise Energy, you save money, save the planet, and help someone else.

Raise Energy LED bulbs can provide 40% energy savings in comparison to fluorescent tubing, which also results in huge savings in performance costs. Our luminous efficiency is also up to 27% higher than fluorescent tubes.

RAISE Education

RAISE Education is all about helping schools globally get the funding they need. To serve these needs, we have implemented the RAISE Global School Project. By partnering with corporations and non-profits, we can help children get the education they deserve in safe and productive environments.

As an example of how this program can work, RAISE has chosen to give back to the Comets of Hope School in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Very impoverished large groups of families live in slums outside of Santiago, Dominican Republic.  Much of the food they gather to eat comes from garbage dumps. It is the custom that very young school age children, dive for food to keep their family from starving.The Comets of Hope School was built to save the lives of these children.  Children are literally pulled from the dumps each day and given clean water, nutritious food, and educated in core subjects to give them hope for a future.

RAISE Orphans

Our purpose is to partner with Causes who care for all children who have been deprived of parental care and have not been adopted. Our ultimate goal is to provide care for orphans and to bring mothers and fathers to those have none. We are currently seeking Brands that align with this purpose. Raise Orphans has partnered with Bethany Christian Services to support their Expectant Parent Assistance Program.

During these difficult economic times, Bethany is seeing a tremendous increase in the need for parenting assistance. Expectant parents, single mothers, and families come to us desperately seeking help to care for their unborn child or children, and to provide for their basic needs. We are responding by providing food, clothing, medical care, and assistance with rent.

Tom’s Shoes:

“Giving is what fuels us. Giving is our future. It’s the core of our business and it’s time we celebrate it.” – BLAKE MYCOSKIE, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver

Giving Report.

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee:

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee partners with coffee farmers in Rwanda and Haiti to ensure that their farmers are provided a fair wage and equipped with the skills to better their community.

Plywood People:

Plywood People is a division of Suffered Enough, an organization formed to provide relief to poor and distressed people globally. Plywood People collects unused or partially used gift cards and distributes them to people in need and also hires refugees to make bags out of billboards and sells them in retail shops.

CONE Research Study – 2011:

  • 94% of consumers believe that it is important that the corporations they support have a significant impact on a worthy cause.
  • 94% of consumers say corporations must address social and environmental issues and evolve practices to make the impact as positive as possible.
  • 88% of consumers recognize that corporations are essential to major social and environmental change because they have resources that governments and NGO’s don’t.
  • Read the full study here.