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A holistic business approach to building a healthy and sustainable world through funding, innovation, talent, awareness, profitability, and generosity.

RAISE Global Services, LLC is a company whose charter and vision is to add social impact to the core values of profitable business in every business sector: finance, construction, energy, manufacturing, economic development, and trade. Under the “RAISE” umbrella, we are prepared to bring solutions to the table that can help make the vision of a more healthy and prosperous world a reality.

Our business model is to engage leaders of the world who are experts in their field of business, innovation in technology, and affordable funding to build infrastructure and economic opportunities for all nations. RAISE Global serves as the conduit and general contractor to fulfill the projects most important to country or community leaders and their citizens for the lowest interest rates available and greatest impact. We offer turnkey solutions.


“Business with a Heart!”

RAISE Global Services, is the parent company of a suite of companies that combined set the stage for radical change.