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One primary goal of RAISE Global Services is to create profitable business units that bring the best in class innovative technology to market that are solutions for our global clients, but that also serve to add value in the lives of the underprivileged.

Each business unit not only addresses a business need, but as part of our DNA, we address a social need.

RAISE Energy Solutions – 75% of the world’s population waste energy, 25% don’t have any. RAISE Energy Solutions was created to solve both problems.

RAISE Energy Solutions, LLC is an energy technology company that identifies, incubates, and brings to market energy reduction and efficient power generation technologies.

RAISE Energy Solutions products include LED for residential and commercial, HVAC energy reduction technologies, chiller and boiler reduction technologies, fuel saving technologies for commercial facilities and transportation, and fleets. It also includes solar, storage, and other power generation technology as it is developed and market ready.

RAISE Energy EnterpriseRAISE Energy Enterprise is the local sales, marketing, and distribution arm of RAISE Energy Solutions. RAISE Energy Enterprise works through an authorized dealer network worldwide. There remain authorized dealer opportunities throughout the world. We see an astounding growth potential in all areas of energy reduction and individual power generation.

RAISE Water and Waste SolutionsRAISE Refresh water treatment and ReClaim Waste to Energy solutions brings the leading technology in the world to eliminate the issues of non-drinkable water and the overwhelming issues of sanitation, sewage, and waste. In every solution, we ReClaim 100% of a communities’ refuse and turn it into a positive attribute to serve the community’s citizens.

RAISE Health Solutions – Innovations in medicine, devices, and medical practices that deliver better outcomes for patients worldwide. We partner with the worlds best biotech, bioengineering, researchers, clinical trial, research hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to develop and test new ideas and developments.

RAISE Technology Solutions – Solutions in best in class fiber optics, cellular services, and internet technology for advancing communications in communities in need is our specialty.  We partner with the worlds best to find solutions for better communication for the communities we serve.  We also work with patent holders of the world’s cutting edge innovation in this space to bring their products to a global market.
RAISE Innovation Gateway – Innovators are everywhere developing technologies that can be used to solve the world’s biggest problems. RAISE Innovation Group serves the scientific and engineering community by assisting innovators in bringing their technology to market. We only work with solutions that meet a need in one of our humanitarian pillars. Today we focus on energy, water, food production, waste, and health. Click here to learn more.