The purpose of RAISE (Responsible Alliance in Social Enterprise) is to begin a movement to build social innovation into the core business strategies of global for-profit organizations. We believe the only way to accomplish real impact in solving major environmental and humanitarian problems is for corporations to take responsibility in being a part of the solution. We believe that when people create together – amazing things happen.

We offer a full range of services and tools that help for-profit companies achieve greater social good—aligned with the basic business pursuits of producing customer value and making money.

We believe that people are inherently seeking purpose. One of the keys to a person’s happiness is their feeling of purpose – of feeling like they were created to do something– people want to find purpose where they spend their most time – at work.

Integrating RAISE social innovation programs into the very DNA of a company, its culture, its footprint, and intersecting all of its stakeholders makes for a better and more sustainable future. Companies cannot achieve in isolation maximum impact for positive growth and change.